This mysterious trio of unclear origin had already released in 2010, the release for free download " Agios O Baphomet " , and now comes official debut in physical size thanks to the support of SkullLine , in a spartan slimcase edition limited to only 33 pieces . What the Dark Imperivm is a sound that the intention would be dark, sinister and ritual , with a large display of symbols of hell, and that in many ways ends up showing his descent from the black metal genre . The scarcity of suitable resources to achieve sounds thick and production to the standards of the industry is in fact typical of those coming from the black metal and engages in the exploration of other strands of dark music , usually with only the help of a keyboard and with little knowledge of what opportunities will provide an electronic nowadays , especially in terms of software. The Absu were able to do great things with the magnificent project Equimanthorn , but among the area black metal musicians were perhaps the only ones to propose areas in ritual / ambient with excellent results, and if you already would be hard to mention another act that is fully managed in the same establishment , certainly not in the Dark Imperivm that you can put great hopes for the future ... Production decidedly deficient and sounds that are lacking thickness , when they should enhance the traits most dismal of the proposal of the trio, however, evidently run out of new ideas , as in the abovementioned digital release are taken as many as 5 of the 6 songs that made it up , which are added only three new tracks . Solutions naive and confused are penalized by an audio performance that does not frighten or kidnaps , whether the cadences dark- doom- jazz with voices catacomb dell'opener " NRNG " or oppressive atmospheres industrial- ambient with vocals typical of black and feral conclusive " Invoking The Mother Ov Blood" . The female voice guides the ritual intensity of " Ishet Zenunim " and the breath of ancient " Agios O Baphomet " , but the slender supply of chimes , drums and rollers shall not have the desired effect, even less in " Procession Of The Leviathan "unable to engage the spirit . At the sweet singing of " Agios O Lucifer " counterpoint to the pure black and savage ferocity based wrenching vocals of " HorOnZon " and the ingenuity of the reason synth that dominates the instrumental " Thy Embrace Heals The Earth" , a work still in too immature and ill- balanced to think he can upset those accustomed to the more obscure sounds rituals. Postponed to the next test.

Vote: 5,0 / 10

review from "Michele Viali"